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Revlidy is a new online platform to reconnect communities by matching passions with causes and nonprofits. We make volunteering, advocacy and petitions fun and engaging through the creation of shared connections and social challenges.

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Despite there being millions of nonprofits in the world today, the series of interconnected, complex issues our society faces continue to grow, change form and remain stubbornly unsolvable. Whether it is poverty, mental health or the threat of complete ecological collapse, it is clear that new methods and new collaborations are necessary if we hope to do more than merely treat the symptoms of these issues.

At Revlidy, we believe we can reweave the fabric of communities to create the thriving, regenerative world we all want. It starts with removing the barriers nonprofits face in facilitating sustained community action.

By improving the tools used to engage supporters, we can seamlessly tie organizations into the full community ecosystems in which they work. We are doing this through a platform that matches people with volunteer and advocacy opportunities and then keeps them continuously engaged with the causes they care about.

By integrating volunteer, petition and donor management into one social platform, Revlidy is able to create synergies between these previously siloed functions, as well as save nonprofits time and money. Nonprofits are able to better find new supporters and then segment them based on things like level of interest and preferred method of involvement. It provides a much more targeted way of getting feedback on potential or past campaigns

Nonprofits can use the same matching features to collaborate with other organizations when their missions overlap. It makes it easier to get everyone on the same page so nonprofits can devote their energy more completely to their mission.

Whether getting involved for the first time, not knowing where to start, or looking to find new ways to help a favorite cause, individuals can get instant value from signing up. It's as easy as creating an account and selecting from a list of causes and skills. You can then browse actions and use the feed and algorithm to go as narrow or broad as you want.

Users can look forward to feeling more connected with their community, networking, gaining new skills and receiving recognition. Social challenges and advanced sharing features allow them, their friends and the nonprofits they resonate with most to create a virtuous cycle of online and offline action that can truly change the world.

Our Partners

Virginia Social Enterprise Alliance

Capital Region Collaborative

Points of Life

United Virginia Education Fund

RVA Createspace